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Leavitt Cranes is now the authorized supplier of Jekko Mini Cranes. With over 40 years in the lifting and handling industry, the Jekko Crane line has been developed to address the specific needs of lifting materials in confined and restrictive areas. Light weight and compact, these mini cranes are manufactured in Italy using high resistance steel ensuring maximum lifting capabilities. Compact enough to maneuver through doors and other confined areas, Jekko cranes are perfect for glass installation, indoor lifting and difficult to maneuver environments.

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Jekko Mini Crane Models We Sell:

Designed to be easily adapted to all types of environments, Jekko mini cranes are available in a wide variety of models. For indoor applications Jekko offers mini crane options that are compact enough to easily travel through single and double doors and between floors in elevators. They are also available in diesel, electric and battery powered options, and offer the highest standard of safety and lifting capacity.

SPB209  Jekko Mini Crane
SPB209CP Mini Crane

• 2,072 lbs. max lift capacity
• 21.3 ft. max horizontal reach
• 24.5 ft. max vertical reach
​• View the SPB209 Spec Sheet

SPX312 Jekko Mini Crane
SPX312CP\SPX312C+ Mini Crane

• 2,645 lbs. max lift capacity
• 31 ft. max horizontal reach
• 35 ft. max vertical reach
View the SPX312 Spec Sheet

SPD360 Jekko Mini CraneSPD360/SPD360C+ Mini Crane

• 3,698 lbs. max lift capacity
• 34.5 ft. max horizontal reach
• 42.5 ft. max vertical reach
View the SPD360 Spec Sheet

SPX424 Jekko Mini CraneSPX424CDH/SPX424C+

• 5,291 lbs. max lift capacity
• 39 ft. max horizontal reach
• 49 ft. max vertical reach
View the SPX424 Spec Sheet

SPX527 Jekko Mini Crane​SPX527CDH

• 5,952 lbs. max lift capacity
• 36 ft. max horizontal reach
• 57 ft. max vertical reach
View the SPX527CDH Spec Sheet

SPX1040 Jekko Mini CraneSPX1040CDH

• 8,818 lbs. max lift capacity
• 43 ft. max horizontal reach
• 77 ft. max vertical reach
View the SPX1040CDH-EXT Spec Sheet

SPX1275 Jekko Mini CraneSPX1275CDH

• 16,354 lbs. max lift capacity
• 58 ft. max horizontal reach
• 90 ft. max vertical reach
View the SPX1275CDH spec sheet

Jekko Mini Picker Models

Jekko's mini pickers are portable walk behind mini cranes that enable operators to navigate busy warehouses and job sites to effectively move product. Complete with manual steering and radio remote control, operators have the ability to control crane functions and wheel traction. They are electric powered with long-lasting, rechargeable battery systems​. Jekko mini pickers feature electronic displays that provide diagnostic trouble shooting and a ​Load ​Movement ​Indicator or LMI.

MPK20 Jekko Mini PickerMPK20 Mini Picker

• ​4,400 lbs. ​​max lift capacity
• ​19 ft. max horizontal reach
• ​9 ft. max vertical reach
​• View the MPK20 Spec Sheet


MPK25 Jekko Mini PickerMPK25 Mini Picker

• ​​5,500 lbs. max lift capacity
• ​19 ft. max horizontal reach
• 13 ft. max vertical reach

MPK50 Jekko Mini PickerMPK​50 Mini Picker

• ​11,000 lbs. ​​max lift capacity
• ​31 ft. max horizontal reach
• ​​20 ft. max vertical reach
​• View the MPK50 Spec Sheet

Jekko Crane Attachments

Designed to make moving materials easier and safer, Jekko crane attachments are versatile and come in a variety of models.

Jib 300GR Grabber AttachmentJib 300GR Modular Grabber

• For use with the SPX1040
• ​660 lbs. max lift capacity
• Handles pipes and poles from 4.1" to 13"

MV300 Jekko Crane AttachmentMV300.3 Glass Manipulator

• ​320 lbs. max lift capacity
View the MV 300.3 Spec Sheet

MR800 Jekko Crane AttachmentMR800.4 Glass Manipulator

• 550 lbs. max lift capacity
View the MR 800.4 Spec Sheet

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