Carry Deck Cranes

Carry deck cranes are popular with contractors, industrial yards, and construction work sites. This is because these highly mobile machines feature a low-profile design. Operators choose carry deck cranes for jobs that require small, powerful lift equipment that clears tight spaces and low hanging obstructions.

Often referred to as a pick and carry crane, the rugged and solid design of this machine makes moving materials a simple task, as you are able to haul items directly on the crane deck for transport around the job site. The compact size and streamlined profile of the carry deck crane makes for easy maneuverability, and the four-wheel steering provides a tight turning radius to clear those difficult to reach areas.

Broderson Crane

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Carry Deck Crane Features:

Heavy Duty Design: Durable and reliable, pick and carry cranes are built to withstand heavy load demands without sacrificing performance.

High Maneuverability: Four-wheel steering provides a tight turning radius for outstanding control, effortless switching between two- and four-wheel steering modes, and the low-profile design can clear any low hanging obstacles.

Pick and Carry Deck Practicality: Improve your productivity and move more material in less time with a spacious cargo deck. Pick and carry cranes feature powerful hydraulic controls that lift items onto the deck of the crane itself. This provides an obvious benefit as more material can be quickly moved around the job site with ease.

360º Rotating Boom: A 360 degree rotating boom housed in the center of the deck has a wide variety of uses. This boom is able to extend and retract providing added reach, while hydraulic controls are simple to learn and easy to use.

Customizable Options: There are plenty of additional features available. This includes boom attachments, extensions, all-weather cabs, and an EPA Tier 4 certified engine.

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