Flat Top Tower Cranes

A flat top tower crane has a compact head and moveable cab. This makes it a better choice for sites where height restrictions mean you must use a crane that does not exceed a certain height. Flat top cranes don't have the apex on the crane that the hammerhead does, eliminating the need for a certain clearance between cranes in order to allow them to slew safely. Flat top cranes are ideal for congested work sites or sites where cranes need to overlap. They are also a great option for working near airports or power plants.

Another appealing feature of a flat top crane is that it allows the jib to be pre-assembled and installed directly. With many other types of cranes, the jib has to be assembled separately on site. Another benefit of flat top cranes is the way they work well for job sites where there is more than one crane working at a time. The lack of an apex on the crane means others in the area can slew over the jib with no chance of making contact with the frame.

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Comedil Flat Top Tower Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for Terex and Comedil Flat Top Tower Cranes.

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Each Flat Top Crane Features:

Durable, Modular Design: A modular design that makes for easier erection and disassembly, along with the ability to transport the tower crane is a standard shipping container. You are able to set up, tear down, and relocate the crane as efficiently as possible.

Easy Maintenance Access & Built-In Safety Features: Designed with both operators and technicians in mind, each tower crane has easy access to maintenance compartments and built-in safety features. For example, our flat top cranes include a base ballast for added stability and radio remote controls.

Ergonomic Operator C​ab: Nothing reduces productivity faster than operator discomfort. Our flat top cranes have ergonomic operator cabs with climate controls, adjustable seating, and easy to read display panels. They also feature stepless motor operation for the trolley and hoist for superior creeping

Long Lasting Parts: High-quality, long-lasting parts sourced from original, premium quality manufacturers that are up to the challenges of tough, workload heavy jobs, and challenging ​job sites.

Load Measurement System: This load measurement system gives the operator faster hoisting speeds when operating with a light load and an empty hook. Also, it includes a built-in encoder for overspeed protection.

Economical Frequency Converter Motor: Economical frequency converter motors that maintain high performance levels while reducing power requirements, allowing the crane to operate at maximum efficiency and have a longer working life.

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