Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Over the past 5-7 years self erecting tower cranes have become a staple on construction sites where time and space are of the essence. Now more than ever, contractors and developers are opting for self erecting cranes because they are a more flexible solution for materials handling.

With a smaller foot print and shorter counter jib, contractors are better able to navigate the confined spaces of urban construction sites. Designed for ease of use, our self erecting cranes fold out within 15-30 minutes and are ready to work within 2-4 hours. Trailer mounted, these cranes are easy to transport by road or in a container.

Leavitt Cranes carries a selection of self erecting tower crane options for you to choose from. Our commitment to safety means that our team will work with you from estimating and planning to set up and operator training, to ensure that you have the right crane for your applications unique needs.

Comedil Flat Top Tower Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for Terex and Comedil Self Erecting Tower Cranes.

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Each Self Erecting Crane Features:

Folding Structural Design: Putting a crane to work has never been faster, the fold out/fold in design of a self erecting crane means that you are ready to work within 2-4 hours of delivery.

Easy Maintenance Access: A working crane is a profitable crane and our self erecting crane options are designed to minimize down time and make service and maintenance pain free.

Ergonomic Cabs: Keep your operators comfortable during their long shifts with our cranes. Each of our cranes features reliable heat and air conditioning within the operator cab.

Economical Frequency Converter Motors: Optimize fuel costs without sacrificing power. The moving parts on our cranes are outfitted with frequency converter motors to ensure optimum speed while reducing power requirements.

Easy To Read Screens: Operators have quick and easy access to all essential operation with our display screens. Ask us if your model comes with a radio remote control.

Rust-Resistant Structure: Crane structures are coated with rust-resistant paint to protect your investment and ensure a long operating life.

Product Availability May Vary Depending On Region