Periodic Crane Inspections

Crane InspectionsAs part of our commitment to safety, Leavitt Cranes performs a wide range of periodic crane inspections. Our inspections are designed to ensure your crane is operating at peak performance levels and that any issues are identified and dealt with before they become safety hazards.

Our factory trained technicians are highly skilled and work with our in-house electrician to quickly identify and repair any issues. Whether you are looking for Non Destructive Testing after a collision or simply need to book your annual inspection, our team is on hand to help.

3 month Crane Inspections

These inspections are performed every 250 hours to ensure that your crane is functioning normally and in good condition. This important inspection helps to identify upcoming service needs and enables you to schedule service at a time that works for your company.

Annual Crane Inspections

This crucial inspections involves a series of structural NDT tests performed on the crane structure and telescopic boom. ​Required by law, it helps to prevent accidents and injury while operating your crane.

5 Year Block and Ball Inspections

​This crane inspection is designed to assess the wear and tear of internal components and prevent critical failure while carrying loads. It ​consists of a full tear-down inspection and re-build of the load and hook blocks. 

10 Year Boom Assembly Inspections

​Performed every 10,000 hours this crane inspection involves a complete structural boom assessment. Our technicians will perform a complete tear-down and re-build to ensure the structural integrity of your crane.

Multi-Point Crane Inspections

Designed to cover all aspects of your crane, from counterweights to the machinery deck, this inspection gives customers piece of mind when introducing a new crane to their facility.

Wire Rope Inspections

Used to determine the process of deterioration on your cranes wire rope this inspection is an essential inspection that is performed without dis-assembly​. ​It helps to ensure you have ample time to replace the wire rope cable before it becomes a safety hazard.

NDT Crane Inspections

​Used to identify steel imperfections and structural issues after collisions or other accidents, these inspections save lives. Our team will assist you with the scheduling of these critical inspections.