Mini Crawler Cranes

Mini crawler cranes have revolutionized the construction industry. The introduction of this new line of compact ‘mini’ cranes has given contractors and construction sites previously unmatched flexibility when lifting materials in confined spaces and indoor environments.

With the capability of maneuvering around obstacles on the job sites and below ground lifting, these small crawler cranes are ideal for construction in parking garages, malls and other indoor applications. Their 360° rotation and fully functioning wireless remote system ensure that operators and materials stay safe when transporting loads.

Leavitt Cranes provides a full line of mini crawler cranes from the compact ​SPYDERCRANES and Jekko Cranes that can fit through a standard door and move between floors on elevators​, to the heavy duty models that can lift over 6 tons.

Jekko Cranes | Jekko Mini Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for ​Jekko Mini Cranes.

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SPYDERCRANE | Different Types of Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for S​PYDERCRANE in OR and WA.

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Each Mini Crawler Crane features:

Fully Functioning Wireless Remotes:  Keep your operators and the materials they move safe as you navigate obstacles in challenging and confined environments. 

Onboard Self-Diagnostic Computer Systems: Reduce the time it takes to identify issues and keep down time to a minimum.

Electronic Display Load Moment Indicators: Ensure accuracy and reliability with load and angle readings with this state of the art display system.

Quick Disassemble Systems: Easy removal of outriggers, boom and frame assembly to reduce the weight for transport or hoisting. 

Multiple Outrigger Positions: Configure your crawler crane around any obstacle in your environment with a wide variety of available outrigger positions.

Hexagonal Boom Design: Ensure your loads remain in perfect balance as you transport goods from one area on your work site to another.

Voice Messaging Alerts:  As an extra safety precaution voice messaging alerts inform operators of any unsafe operation as it is being performed to ensure safety remains a top priority.

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