Luffing Tower Cranes

It's common to have limited space and clearance when working with a tower crane in an urban metro area and downtown work sites. A luffing tower crane is ideal for building projects where there's not much space on either side of the site and you need to work safely. A luffing crane is able to raise or lower its jib, and that allows it to reduce the slewing radius.

A luffing crane is also a good choice for work sites where two or more cranes are working at the same time. This is because the slewing radius is highly reduced in comparison to standard tower crane types. The luffing tower crane also has a higher lifting capacity because the weight is transferred from the crane's jib much more effectively.

More and more countries are building wind turbine developments as an energy alternative. Typical luffing cranes do not have the free-standing height need to erect wind turbines. Kroll as developed their luffing jib cranes specifically to meet industry demands for higher hook heights for wind turbine erection.

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Comedil Flat Top Tower Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for Terex and Comedil Luffing Tower Cranes.

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Each Luffing Jib Crane Features:

Smart Designs: Smart designs that let each luffing jib crane be erected, disassembled, and then transported much more easily than is possible with a standard tower crane.

Ergonomic Operator Cab: Smart, ergonomic operator cabs with climate controls and easy to read display panels, plus stepless motor operation of the trolley and hoist that lets the operator creep the load along the jib with more control.

Long Lasting Parts: High quality, long lasting parts sourced from original, premium quality manufacturers that stand up to tough, heavy workload jobs year after year and make for a long working life.

Load Measurement System: Load measurement system that enables high hoisting speeds when operating with a light load and an empty hook, plus a built-in encoder for overspeed protection.

Built-In Safety Features: Built-in safety features and easy maintenance designs, including the option to install anti-collision and zoning systems or CCTV cameras.

Different Foundation Configurations: No matter your job site, we have a foundation configuration that will work for you. Even when you need a wind turbine crane that can easily adapt to small hardstands for minimized construction and access footprints.

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