Mobile Cranes

Contractors are choosing mobile cranes for their high capacity lifting needs more now than ever before. With their compact size and powerful lifting capabilities, these ​rough terrain cranes are transforming job-sites and re-defining industry standards.

The ease of set up enables contractors to optimize site productivity, and though mobile cranes are compact, they can match the lifting capabilities of some tower cranes, making them an asset on job-sites with limited space. A mobile crane can lift a full load and move it 360º at a five foot radius, maintaining stability with the use of out-and-down outriggers.

Leavitt Cranes carries a selection of mobile and ​rough terrain cranes for your lifting needs. Not sure if a mobile crane is right for your application? Work with one of our experts to ensure that you have the right crane for your application. Our team will work with you from estimating and planning, to operator training and service.

Broderson Crane

We are the authorized dealer for ​Broderson ​Rough Terrain Cranes.

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Each Mobile Crane Features:

Stable Design: Mobile cranes are designed with care to ensure maximum stability, efficiency, and safety for pick-and-carry jobs.

Expert Maneuverability: Due to their compact structure, mobile and ​rough terrain cranes are able to access areas that are unavailable when using other types of cranes.

Exceptional Ergonomics: Long shifts are hard on operators – make them easier by choosing a mobile crane designed to keep them comfortable and productive.

Product Availability May Vary Depending On Region