Preventative Crane Maintenance

Crane MaintenanceWe believe in dealing with issues before they become safety hazards. Our factory trained technicians work with you through our preventative crane maintenance programs and periodic inspections to identify and address problems before they reach a critical point.

With preventative maintenance there are no surprises. We are able to schedule necessary maintenance at the time that works best for your business and application. By minimizing downtime and eliminate the need for emergency service calls, we are able to save our customers time and money.

Do I need to hire an electrician?

Leavitt Cranes has our own electrician, giving us the ability to quickly and easily identify electrical issues without the added cost of hiring a contractor. We can connect and disconnect equipment and even offer you the option to have your crane electrically certified.

Where do you offer preventative maintenance?

Our technicians travel anywhere in BC, Alberta, and Washington. Whether you are in Vancouver working on a series of high-rises or in Fort McMurray working on the oil sands, we will provide you with the same great crane service.

What is involved in a crane maintenance program?

Our PM Service covers everything from yard inspections to the 3 month and annual inspections required by law. The goal is to take care of all aspects of your crane maintenance and service needs so that you can focus on your business. 

Preventative Crane Maintenance for: