Smartlift Glass Lifting Equipment

Smartlift Glass Lifting Equipment

Established in Denmark in 2008, Smartlift's innovative line of glass handling equipment has quickly become a global phenomenon. Known for their customized solutions, intelligent lifting technology, and reliable products, Smartlift has earned a reputation as an industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing of glass lifting equipment.

Using the latest technology, Smartlift glass handling machines are able to lift both straight and curved windows, glass panes, and other air-tight surfaces. These machines are offered in both indoor and outdoor models and have lift capacities up to 1,763 lbs.

With their self-drive function, compact size, and sharp turning radius, Smartlift glass handlers are able to perform in confined spaces and travel through standard doorways. This makes them the ideal machine to handle all of your glass handling needs. Furthermore, these innovative lifting devices are so compact that they can be transported via a standard utility van or on a machinery trailer.

Avoid Heavy Lifting – Try Smartlift Glass Lifting Equipment
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  • SL-380-HL_2540

Why Consider a Smartlift Glass Handler?

  • Intelligent lifting device
  • First-class precision, reliability, and quality
  • A range of standard and complex models with customized solutions available
  • Creative solutions with a focus on customers
  • Precise proportional hydraulics for accuracy to the nearest millimeter
  • Remote control of all hydraulic functions
  • Highly maneuverable – twin wheels on rear axle

Smartlift Models

Leavitt Cranes supports these models as well as the following Smartlift models: SL 208 Compact, SL 280 Standard, SL 580 Maxi, SL 380 Outdoor, SL 380 Outdoor High Lifter, SL 400 Sky Lifter, SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter, and SL Gipsy.

SL 380 Midi

Perfect for lifting medium-sized items, the SL 380 Midi is the optimal piece of glass lifting equipment for indoor use.
• Lift capacity: 837 lbs. (380 kg.)
• Weight: 1157 lbs. (525 kg.)
• Height: 4.43ft. (1350 mm.)
• Width (min): 2.13 ft. (650 mm.)
• Length (min): 8.97 ft. (1820 mm.)
• Extension of arm: 1.64 ft. (500 mm.)
• Charging time: Approx. 8 Hours
• Running period: Approx. 30 Hours
SL 380 Midi Spec Sheet

SL 608 Outdoor

As the second most powerful model in the Smartlift range, the SL 608 Outdoor is ideal for lifting on construction sites.
• Lift capacity: 1340 lbs. (608 kg.)
• Weight: 1873 lbs. (850 kg.)
• Lift height: 9.68 ft. (2950 mm.)
• Width (min): 2.76 ft. (840 mm.)
• Length (min): 7.68 ft. (2340 mm.)
• Extension of arm: 2.30 ft. (700 mm.)
• Charging time: Approx. 8 Hours
• Running period: Approx. 20 hours
• Off-road and front wheel drive
• Dual rear wheels
• Electronic brakes
• Waterproof in accordance with corrosion class IP6
SL 608 Outdoor Spec Sheet

SL 780 Outdoor Giant

The most power piece of glass lifting equipment in the Smartlift line up, the SL 780 Outdoor Giant is a rough terrain machine that easily lifts and handles close to a ton.
• Lift capacity: 1818 lbs. (825 kg.)
• Weight: 2866 lbs. (1300 kg.)
• Lifting height: 13.12 ft. (4000 mm.)
• Width (min): 3.31 ft. (1010 mm.)
• Length (min): 9.25 ft. (2820 mm.)
• Extension of arm: 2.72 ft. (830 mm.)
• Charge time: Approx. 10 Hours
• Running period: Approx. 8 Hours
• Front-wheel drive
• Dual rear wheels
• Electronic brakes
• Waterproof in accordance with corrosion class IP6
SL 780 Outdoor Giant Spec Sheet

Smartlift Accessories

Mounting Bracket/ Adapter for Telehandler: Do you want to install your glass lifting equipment on a telehandler? Look no further than this mounting bracket.

Sky Lifter Crane Adapter: Supplied to fit specific crane models on request.

Lifting Yoke with Chains: Do you need to lift your Sky Lifter? Smartlift has you covered with this lifting yoke and chains that will hoist your Outdoor Giant in a multi-story building.

Gripper: Do you need to lift cylindrical loads? This clamp will allow you to lift pipes and other cylindrical material.

Suction Pads: Your choice of suction pads depends on the type of lift and task in question. Leavitt Cranes has a variety of suction pads to handle multiple capacities, materials, and more!

To view the entire Smartlift accessory list, click here.

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