Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are superb for tackling harsh operating conditions. They feature four-wheel drive, extended ground clearance, and large, durable tires that make mining yards and off-road lifting a breeze. All-terrain cranes are highly stable, they feature a low profile, streamlined design and a compact footprint to handle those uneven off-road surfaces.

Furthermore, an all-terrain crane operator is fully protected from the elements, as the fully enclosed all-weather cab houses easy to use joystick controls and provides plenty of shoulder, leg, and head room, making it comfortable for big and tall operators. If you're in need of equipment that can handle serious off-road, heavy duty lifting, look no further than an all-terrain crane from Leavitt Cranes.

Broderson Crane

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Rough Terrain Crane Features:

Four-Wheel Drive: For comfortable off-road operation, all-terrain cranes have plenty of ground clearance and the drivetrain provides easy management of mud, rocks, and sloping terrain.

Rugged High Capacity Axles: Sturdy and field tested, rough terrain crane axles are able to withstand the uneven load stress that comes with off-road hauling and lifting.

Off-Road Capability: Built durable and reliable, all-terrain cranes withstand heavy load demands and punishing off-road conditions, without sacrificing performance.

Enhanced Steering and Mobility: Utilize 3 mode steering – rear-wheel steering, 4-wheel steering, or crab steering – to avoid obstacles. Effortlessly switch between modes and pivot around even the smallest work areas.

Practical Carry Deck Design: Carry the items you need directly on the crane deck, transport them throughout your jobsite, and lower them wherever they need to be.

Sturdy Hydraulic Boom: Simple hydraulic controls made for ease of use, while the retractable boom provides lift and 360º rotation.

Lots of Optional Equipment: Whether you're looking for an all-weather cab, an engine that meets emission requirements, or a boom extension, Leavitt Cranes can provide you with options to accessorize your rough terrain crane to meet your specific needs.

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