Glass Handling Equipment

Glazing equipment provides contractors with a unique solution when it comes to installing windows, glass panes, and other air-tight surfaces. With safe and efficient lifting capabilities, glass handling equipment places windows with precision and takes the burden of heavy lifting off you and your team.

The compact design of glass handling equipment makes these machines perfect for job-sites with multiple obstacles and limited space. Because we understand that every site is different, Leavitt Cranes supports multiple brands of glazing equipment including Smartlift, Jekko, and SPYDERCRANE. These industry leading brands have a variety of models and are known for their reliability, efficiency, and precision. Furthermore, when you factor in their ease of transportation, they add substantial time savings to your operation.

Do you want to learn more about glass handling equipment? Our glass handler experts can assess your needs and job-site and provide you with a complete analysis of how a Smartlift, Jekko, or SPYDERCRANE would improve your operation. If you require a variety of lifting heights and capacities, take a look at our selection of glass handlers that range from walk-behinds and remote-controlled models, to heavy duty models that can lift over 6 tons and reach heights over 58 feet on their own. Furthermore, there are attachments that allow you to mount glazing equipment on top of a telehandler to reach greater heights.

Smartlift Glass Lifting Equipment

We are the authorized dealer for ​Smartlift Glass Handler.

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Jekko Cranes | Jekko Mini Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for ​Jekko Mini Cranes.

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SPYDERCRANE | Different Types of Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for S​PYDERCRANE in OR and WA.

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Key Glass Handler Features:

Ease of Operation:  The remote control functions make placing glass easy and precise. With the ability to move just millimeters at a time, you will be able to lift and place glass with ease and without straining your back.

Safe Lifting: With multiple outrigger positions, you can rest assured that every lift you make will be stable and your load will be safe.

Accuracy: With precise, proportional hydraulics, your lifts will be made with accuracy to the nearest millimeter.

Convenient Size: We carry SPYDERCRANE, Jekko, and Smartlift glass handlers, all of which can move through standard doorways. Each brand features compact sizes and models with high capacity lifting capabilities.

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