Different Types of Cranes Available

Leavitt Cranes is the authorized new crane supplier for Terex and Comedil tower and self erecting cranes as well as S​PYDERCRANE mini crawler cranes. With complete lines of new cranes from these industry leading suppliers, we offer customers the perfect solution for every application. 

Our team of dedicated crane specialists will work with you to assess your needs and determine the right crane for your specific needs. For more information on the different types of cranes available click below or contact us today

Terex Tower CranesWhen you are looking for a tower or self erecting crane, Terex Comedil is an industry leader in crane solutions. Learn more about the different types of cranes available from this crane manufacturer, or contact us to speak with a specialist.

Broderson Crane

When space is limited, a Broderson crane ​is the ideal choice. These carry deck cranes are able to maneuver expertly through job sites that have tight clearances or other challenging obstacles.

Jekko Mini CranesIn challenging indoor applications we offer the revolutionary Jekko mini cranes. These versatile, compact cranes are able to easily navigate between floors in through doorways and can be set up around various obstacles.


Designed and built by one of the leading crane manufacturers in Japan, SPYDERCRANE mini crawler cranes provide you with the lifting capacities you need for challenging and compact job sites.

Smartlift Glass Lifting Equipment

Do you need glass handling equipment? Compact and self-driven, Smartlift offers customers a range of intelligent and innovative glass handlers that can bear loads up to 1 ton. 

Butti Crane Attachments Designed to handle the toughest jobs, Butti offers a complete line of buckets, forks, garbage bin attachments and man baskets to ensure that you are able to transport materials and workers safely.

Product Availability May Vary Depending On Region