Tower Cranes

Featuring a wide selection of tower cranes available for sale, Leavitt Cranes has you covered for all your construction and industrial requirements! Whether you’re looking for a flat top, hammerhead, luffing jib, or self-erecting model, our tower crane experts will help you find the perfect unit for your job site. Contact our team today for more information on our tower crane lineup!


If you’re faced with height restrictions, overlapping cranes, or a congested worksite, it can be difficult to determine the type of tower crane that works best for your operation. Below is a list of each major type of tower crane that outlines their unique features and benefits.

Types of Cranes We Sell | Flat Top

Flat Top Tower Cranes – Featuring a flat compact head and a movable cab, flat top tower cranes are a great choice for job sites with strict height restrictions. They are also a great choice for sites with multiple cranes operating at the same time. A flat top crane doesn’t have an apex on the head. This keeps the cab level with the boom and jib while allowing other cranes to move over the jib without contacting the frame.

Types of Cranes | Hammerhead

Hammerhead Tower Cranes – One of the most common types of cranes in the world, the hammerhead tower crane is identifiable by the apex above the boom and cab. Offering precise and accurate handling for a variety of materials, they are relied on to perform difficult tasks for many operations. A key feature of every hammerhead tower crane is their ability to move loads in and out along the jib. This allows the user to adjust the horizontal positioning of the load without changing the height, making it a great choice for precise maneuverability.

Types of Cranes | luffing Jib Crane

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes – When you’re working in an urban setting with tall buildings or other cranes, mobility can be a challenge. A luffing jib tower crane is an ideal solution for job sites with a lack of space on either side of the site. With the ability to raise or lower its jib, a luffing tower crane can reduce its slewing radius and provide exceptional mobility for even the most crowded operations. A luffing jib crane also typically has a higher lift capacity than other models, allowing you to transport heavy loads with confidence.

Self Erecting Crane

Self-Erecting Tower Cranes – Over the past decade, self-erecting tower cranes have become a common sight on construction sites where time and space are valued above everything else. Featuring a smaller size and shorter counter jib, operators are able to easily navigate confined construction sites. Every self-erecting tower crane is designed for ease of use and efficiency. They are ready to get to work within 2-4 hours of unfolding (varies by model). These tower cranes are also easy to transport via trailer or container, making them one of the most manageable and efficient choices for job sites anywhere.