Crane Operator Safety Training

Are you looking for crane operator safety training in the Pacific Northwest? Leavitt Cranes provides comprehensive private onsite crane training to customers in both Canada and the US. Our trainers will work with you to develop customized training on your equipment and deliver it onsite where operators can practice with the equipment they will use each day.

Leavitt Training Will:

  • Ensure that each employee is trained professionally in a consistent and unbiased manner
  • Track your employee certification and notify you when operators need to be re-evaluated
  • Provide a customized course curriculum designed to meet the needs of your equipment and application
  • Handle all administrative aspects of training, providing you with hard copies of test results and permanent records

We Offer the Following Types of Safety Training

Carry Deck Crane TrainingCarry Deck Crane Safety Training: Gain practical, hand on experience with carry deck cranes with this comprehensive training course. This course covers everything from health and safety to proper procedures for the safe operation of Carry deck cranes. Learn more about carry deck crane safety training.


Overhead Crane TrainingOverhead Crane Training: Covering everything from safety regulations to load control techniques, this overhead crane training class ensures operators and materials stay safe at all times through classroom theory, a written exam, and hands on experience. Learn more about overhead crane training.

Truck Mounted Crane TrainingTruck Mounted Crane Safety: Customized for operators running truck mounted cranes, this mobile crane ​safety course ensures operators understand the principles of balance, stability and capacity through the use of multimedia presentations and interactive discussions. Learn more about mobile crane ​safety.

Practical Rigging TrainingPractical Rigging: Essential training for all crane operators, this practical rigging training course covers hoisting and rigging fundamentals, principles and hazard identification. Learn more about practical rigging training.


OSSA Fall Protection TrainingOSSA Fall Protection Training: Developed by the Fall Protection Group Inc., this end user fall protection program (#6116) ensures operators have OSSA accredited fall protection certification and can safely work at heights. Learn more about this OSSA Fall Protection Training.


Fall Protection Training Non-Ossa Fall Protection Training: Geared towards industrial/commercial end users, this course has been created by Fall Protection Group Inc. It is designed to address fall safety needs for industrial and commercial workers not working in the Oil Sands. Learn more about non OSSA fall arrest training.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection TrainingFall Protection Equipment Inspection Training: Developed by Fall Protection Group Inc., this course is designed for those who may be tasked with establishing and maintaining fall protection equipment inventory. Learn more about fall protection equipment inspection training.