Crane Certification Training

Our Approach & Methodology

Crane Certification TrainingMeticulously designed with the adult learner in mind, our crane certification training combines classroom theory, as well as written and practical assessments. Delivered by accomplished and experienced instructors, our crane courses range from mobile and overhead cranes to fall protection and practical rigging.

Each course covers the fundamentals of health and safety standards, preventative maintenance and the proper procedures of safe operation. Instructors introduce end users to the safety protocols and procedures necessary to ensure that they, and the people around your work site, are safe at all times.

The classroom theory learning objectives are introduced through multimedia and visual presentations, interactive discussions and then reinforced through workbooks and supplementary handouts.

The practical component ensures operators understand the importance of conducting a job safety analysis and pre-operational inspection at the start of every shift. For novice or new users, we can offer additional practice time upon request.

Customized Crane Certification Training

We understand that every crane and every job site is different, which is why we work with you, and your equipment to provide the most effective training for your facility. Our trainers will customize our curriculum to fit the needs of your application and adjust safety protocols and pre-trip inspections depending on the equipment you are running.

Performed on your job site, we can address any safety concerns that are specific to your environment to ensure operators receive the most comprehensive training available. To learn more about this process, call us today and speak with an account manager.