Slinging and Rigging Safety Training

Duration: Approx. 5.5 hours

This online overhead crane training course has been developed by an I-CAB (International Competency Assessment Board) recognized content developer. Meaning the content in this course has been recognized for its expertise in the subject manner and is listed as a competency development resource for I-CAB assessment participants.

Including 5 modules, this slinging and rigging safety training course covers the safe practices and techniques needed to sling and rig loads. Designed in accordance with the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Z150-98 regulation, this course also adheres to both ANSI (American Nationals Standards Institute) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). 

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Slinging and Rigging Safety Training Topics

  • Rope ​& Sling Inspections
  • Pre-Lift Hazard Assessments
  • D/d ratios & Rigging Hardware
  • Determining Sling Types, Sizes
  • Hoist Line Installation Procedures
  • Safety Factors & Safe Work Load Limits
  • Wire Rope Construction & Types of Hitches
  • Crane Hoist Signals & Sling Center of Gravity
  • Owner, Operator & Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Rigging Configurations Using Sling Capacity Charts

Upon successful completion of this rigging safety training participants will receive a certificate of completion which they can download and print.

Testing is designed to reinforce key learning objectives in this rigging safety training. A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to receive the certificate of completion. Participants may retake the course two times in order to achieve a passing mark. 

Leavitt ​Cranes offers over 50 knowledge based online safety training courses for both Canadian and US based customers. It is important to note, for some jurisdictions, select topics may require additional practical evaluation for full certification.