Online Fall Protection Training

Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Developed using Alberta legislation and CSA, ANSI, CEN industry standards, this course provides participants with the knowledge needed to help minimize fall hazards and protect themselves and others from serious injury. This course focuses on the safety of individual workers, but also provides employers with a means of fulfilling OH&S requirements.

Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • Explain the Importance of Fall Protection
  • Identify Fall Protection Systems and Components
  • Complete Fall Protection Calculations
  • Explain Fall Protection Planning Procedures

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Fall Protection Topics 

  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Fall Protection Calculations
  • Importance of Fall Protection
  • Fall Protection System Components
  • Fall Protection Planning and Procedures

Upon successful completion of fall protection training online, participants will receive a certificate of completion which they may download and print.

Testing on this course is designed to reinforce course material. Participants must achieve a mark of 80% or higher in order to receive their certificate of completion. If the pass mark is not achieved, participants may retake the course twice.

Fall protection print materials which further reinforce the information in this fall protection course are available online and may be printed off. 

Leavitt ​Cranes offers over 50 knowledge based online safety training courses for both Canadian and US based customers. It is important to note, for some jurisdictions, select topics may require additional practical evaluation for full certification.