Glass Handler Rentals

Are you in the business of lifting material like glass, stone, drywall, MDF, or concrete? If you are, Leavitt Cranes offers a variety of glass handling equipment for rent. These compact lifting machines come in a range of sizes and capacities, and their easy-to-use design makes executing lifts precise and efficient. Even though they are known as glass handlers, our fleet of glass lifting equipment rentals are capable of much more than lifting glass.

With a series of attachments and material-specific suction cups, our SPYDERCRANE, Jekko, and Smartlift glass handler rentals can lift and position non-porous material on your site with ease. With rough terrain and industrial options, Leavitt Cranes has the glass lifting rental equipment you need to make your site more efficient. When you operate a glass lifter you save time, prevent injury, and reduce accidents. With state-of-the-art safety features, remote control and walk-behind drive functions, and stabilizing outriggers, a glass handler is just what you need on your job-site.

Glass Lifting Equipment Rental Options:

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  • Glass-Handling-Equipment-Rental-Jekko
  • Glass-Handler-Rental-Jekko
  • Glazing-Equipment-Rentals-SPYDERCRANE
  • Glass-Handler-Rental-Smartlift

Smartlift SL 608 Outdoor

• 1,818 lbs. (825 kg.) Lift Capacity
• 13.12 ft. (4000 mm.) Lift Height
• Electric Powered
View the Smartlift SL 608 Outdoor Spec Sheet

Smartlift SL 780 Outdoor Giant

• 1,818 lbs. (825 kg.) Lift Capacity
• 13.12 ft. (4000 mm.) Lift Height
• Electric Powered
View the Smartlift SL 780 Outdoor Giant Spec Sheet

Jekko MPK20

• 4,400 lbs. Max Lift Capacity
• 19 ft. Max Horizontal Reach
• 9 ft. Max Vertical Reach
• Electric Powered
View the Jekko MPK20 Spec Sheet

Jekko SPX312CP/SPX312C+

• 2,645 lbs. Max Lift Capacity
• 31 ft. Max Horizontal Reach
• 35 ft. Max Vertical Reach 
• Available in Gas and Electric Powered Options
View the Jekko SPX312CP/SPX312C+ Spec Sheet


• 6,450 lbs. Max Lift Capacity
• 31 ft. Tip Height
• Electric Powered
View the SPYDERCRANE URW295 Spec Sheet


• 6,680 lbs. Max Lift Capacity
• 52 ft. Tip Height
• Available in Diesel, Electric, and Diesel/Electric Powered Options
View the SPYDERCRANE URW376 Spec Sheet