Leavitt Cranes Named Kroll Cranes Importer

Leavitt Cranes has been named the official Kroll Cranes importer and dealer for North America. Kroll has been providing operations with high-quality hammerhead, flat top, and luffing jib tower cranes for over 60 years. Distributed to over 40 countries worldwide, their tower cranes are renowned for their reliability and performance. With the addition of Kroll to our lineup, Leavitt Cranes is able to offer additional solutions for the energy, intermodal, and construction industries.

Henrik Nielsen, Managing Director of Kroll issued the following statement regarding this new partnership with Leavitt Cranes; “We’re pleased to have Leavitt Cranes as our official importer and dealer for North America. Their commitment to safety and impressive industry knowledge make them the ideal choice for this partnership. We look forward to working with Leavitt for many years to come”.

By building strong relationships with manufacturers, Leavitt Cranes continues to bolster ​our lineup with quality products. This in turn allows us to offer various solutions for many types of operations, big and small. Whether customers are in need of tower cranes, crawler cranes, mini cranes, or attachments, Leavitt Cranes strives to provide complete solutions for every job site.

Official Dealer for North America

Kroll Turbine CraneLeavitt Cranes is now the exclusive Kroll dealer for all of North America. With a focus on high-capacity models, they can provide complete solutions for even the most demanding industries. This is especially true for wind turbines, as Kroll has developed an innovative line of tower cranes tailored to their height and capacity requirements. These cranes offer capacities up to 150 tonnes (330,000 lbs) and heights up to 195m. Every unit has also been designed for faster assembly, allowing for more efficient and effective wind turbine construction. Contact Leavitt Cranes today for more information on our tower crane lineup and wind turbine solutions!

About Leavitt Cranes

As a leading Crane dealer, Leavitt Cranes supports our various industries around the world with our extensive selection of cranes. Our inventory features flat top, hammerhead and luffing jib tower cranes alongside self-erecting and crawler models. In addition to our selection of new cranes, Leavitt Cranes offers a wide variety of rentals, repair/maintenance services, parts, and training support for every crane in ​our lineup. With industry leading brands such as Kroll, Jekko, Manitex, Smartlift, and Spydercrane, ​we can provide solutions for a variety of operations and applications. For more information on Leavitt Cranes, visit ​our website!