Tower Crane Maintenance and Service

Tower Crane MaintenanceDedicated to ensuring the safety of ​you and your staff, Leavitt Cranes provides comprehensive tower crane maintenance schedules on every crane in our fleet and every crane we sell. Our technicians will work with you to ensure your crane is operating safely and prevent costly emergency service.

With a team of factory trained technicians, our inspections and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs are based on federal requirements. Our in-house electrician ensures that we are able to trouble shoot electrical issues, saving ​you money on sub contractors.

Preventative Tower Crane Maintenance:

Our PM programs ensure that emergency service and costly surprises are eliminated. We help to you schedule service jobs at a time that makes sense for your company. Manage costs and increase the trade-in value of your tower crane with a preventative maintenance program.

Rental Check-in/Check-out Inspections and Repairs:

To ensure the safety of our customers we perform comprehensive rental inspections on all tower cranes that are checked-in or checked-out of our fleet. Before a rental tower crane arrives on site everything from structure and hardware to counter weights and block assemblies have been inspected.

3 month tower crane inspection:

To maintain compliance as well as the reliability of your tower crane, our three month inspections are designed to reduce accidents and injuries as well as eliminate unnecessary downtime. We will assess everything from load hooks and block assemblies to chain slings and electrical components.

Annual Tower Crane Maintenance and Inspection:

Once per year, as per regulatory standards we perform complete structural NDT inspections on all tower cranes in our fleet. This inspection ensures that you are aware of any potential issues before they become safety hazards.

5 year block and ball inspections:

Every five years a complete tear-down inspection and re-build on your tower crane load blocks and hook blocks is required. Designed to assess wear and tear on internal components, this inspection prevents failure of these components as well as the damage and injuries that can occur when loads drop mid lift.

10 year boom assembly inspections:

Every 10,000 hours or 10 years we perform complete boom structural inspections as per safety regulations. These tower crane maintenance inspections involves a full tear down, dis-assembly and re-build to ensure the structural integrity of your crane is not compromised. 

Multipoint Inspections:

Covering all aspects of your crane from the jib to the machinery deck, these comprehensive inspections give operators and contractors additional piece of mind. Our factory trained technicians will provide you with a detailed report on the status of your tower crane, and we will identify any potential issues before they become critical safety issues.

Wire Rope Inspections:

It’s critical for the safety of the materials that you are moving and the people on your job site that wire rope inspections are performed regularly. Designed to gauge the deterioration of your wire rope, this tower crane maintenance inspection prevents rope failure while you are lifting.

NDT Inspections:

Leavitt ​Cranes can assist with the arrangement of required NDT inspections. From magnetic and UV light inspections to more comprehensive X-ray testing, we will help to ensure your equipment is not compromised in any way.