Mini Crawler Crane Service

Mini Crawler Crane ServiceLeavitt Cranes provides high quality mini crawler crane service for Jekko cranes, SPYDERCRANES, and other models of mini crawler cranes. Our team of factory trained technicians work diligently to offer comprehensive service​ throughout BC, Alberta, and Washington.

Our team will work with you to ensure that your ​mini crawler crane is operating safely and at peak proficiency at all times. With preventative maintenance programs, scheduled inspections, and additional inspections, your safety is our top priority.

Preventative Maintenance for Mini Crawler Cranes:

With a preventative maintenance program there are no surprises. With scheduled downtime, prompt service and routine inspections you are able to manage costs and increase the trade-in value of your ​mini crawler crane.

Rental Check-In/Check-Out Mini Crawler Crane Service:

When any crane rental in our fleet is returned to our fleet, we perform a comprehensive service inspection. Complete with oil and filter changes, we perform inspections on the track system, outriggers, boom, turret and jib in order to ensure that each rental is fit to go out to the next customer.

3 month mini crawler crane inspections:

Performed every 3 months, or 250 hours, this inspection ensures that your mini crawler crane is operating at peak proficiency. We assess everything from the general condition of the unit and track system to the wire rope and boom condition. Our factory trained technicians will inform you of any upcoming service needs so that they may be scheduled at a time that works for you.

Annual mini crawler crane inspections:

Once per year, we perform a complete structural NDT inspection of your crane and the telescopic boom. Necessary to ensure safe operation and identify any potential service needs, this inspection ensures that you are aware of issues before they become a safety hazard.

5 year block and ball inspections:

In addition to frequent lubrication and quick visual checks on the exterior of your  load blocks and hook blocks, you are required to perform a tear-down inspection and re-build every five years. This inspection is designed to assess wear and tear within the ball and block assembly.

10 year Boom Assembly Inspections:

Once every ten years or 10,000 hours, a complete boom structural inspection is required. This mini crawler crane service inspection involves a full tear down, dis-assembly and re- build to ensure technicians can accurately assess the structural integrity of your crane. 

Multipoint Inspections:

Designed to cover all aspects of your crane from the carriage to the engine, this comprehensive inspection gives operator’s increased peace of mind. We provide you with a detailed report on the status of your mini crawler crane from the condition of your engine, upper and lower carriage, and boom stability and functionality. This enables you to reduce costly down time and the need for emergency service by keeping you informed of any potential issues.

Wire Rope Inspections:

With a limited life span it is important to ensure periodic inspection of your wire rope and assembly. Designed to gauge the normal process of deterioration, this mini crawler crane service inspection is a careful and detailed assessment performed without dismantling your crane.

NDT Inspections:

Designed to find steel imperfections, Leavitt Cranes can schedule and arrange for non-destructive testing on your equipment.  For mobile cranes we can schedule magnetic NDT testing through one of our contractors. If you are interested in this inspection, please contact us for more information.