Self Erecting Tower Crane Service

Self Erect Tower Crane ServiceOur self erecting tower crane service technicians are factory trained and committed to your safety. They will work diligently to ensure that your crane is running safely and at peak productivity at all times. With the ability to work on all makes and models of self erecting tower cranes in our fleet, our technicians are versatile and highly trained.

We perform preventative maintenance inspections on all our self erecting cranes every three months to ensure that any issues are addressed before they become safety issues. Our service department will work with you to schedule necessary maintenance at the times that work best for your organization. 

Preventative Self Erecting Tower Crane Maintenance:

Our preventative maintenance programs ensure there are no surprises when it comes to your cranes performance. We strive to ensure you only deal with scheduled downtimes and that you receive prompt service. We also help you manage maintenance costs and increase the trade-in value of your self erecting tower crane.

Rental Check-in/Check-out:

In an effort to ensure the safety of our customers, we perform comprehensive check-in inspections whenever a crane is returned to our fleet. Subsequently, we also ensure that cranes that arrive on customer sites are structurally sound and in good working order. 

3 month self erect tower crane inspections:

Performed every 3 months, or 250 hours, as per regulatory standards, these PM inspections ensure that your crane is functioning normally. We go over everything from the general condition of the jib to the cab and control system. Our technicians will inform you of any upcoming service needs so that they may be scheduled at a time that works for you.

Annual Self Erect Tower Crane Service Inspections:

This yearly structural NDT inspection covers the crane structure and the telescopic boom. A necessary tower crane service, it is used to identify potential issues and prevent accidents and injuries.

5 Year Block and Ball Inspections:

In addition to visual checks and frequent lubrication of your load and hook blocks, once every five years you are required to perform a tear-down inspection and re-build of these components. Designed to assess wear and tear on the internal components this prevents critical failure while the crane is in use.

10 Year Boom Assembly Inspections:

Every ten years or 10,000 hours a complete structural boom inspection is required. Our factory trained technicians fully tear down, disassemble and re-build your crane to assess the structural integrity of your crane. 

Multi-point Inspections:

Designed to cover all aspects of your crane from the machinery deck to the counter weights, multi-point inspections give you added peace of mind. Our technicians provide you with a detailed report on the status of your crane from functionality to structural integrity. This enables you to reduce service costs by eliminating the need for emergency service.

Wire Rope Inspections:

This essential periodic inspection helps to determine the process of deterioration on wire rope. This tower crane service is performed without dis-assembly and helps customers by ensuring wire rope is replaced before it becomes a safety hazard.

NDT Inspections:

Designed to identify steel imperfections after collisions or other accidents. Leavitt Cranes can assist with scheduling of these tests. We work with industry leading NDT specialists and can organize this tower crane service.