Our Culture of Safety

Alert Today – Alive Tomorrow

At Leavitt we have worked hard to develop a strong culture of safety that is committed to a safer and healthier workplace. Throughout our branches we have implemented and maintain a health and safety program that adheres to, and often exceeds regulatory standards.

We ensure that our crane specialists, service technicians and sub-contractors adhere to a higher level of safety precaution in order to help avoid accidents. Through a thorough and consistent site analysis that is completed before each job we are able to ensure that mobilization will be performed in accordance with regulations. This also enables us to identify any safety issues prior to commencing work.

Our team works closely with leading industry crane safety professionals to ensure we meet all regulatory requirements. We hold weekly and monthly safety meetings and continually strive for improvement in our safety policies and procedures.

BC COR Certification

COR Certified in BC

The Certificate of Recognition given to us by the BC Construction Association recognizes companies that have developed and implemented health and safety culture and injury management systems that meet their industry standards.

Leavitt Cranes is committed to reducing workplace injuries and is proud to be a part of this prestigious group of COR certified companies. Being COR certified, Leavitt Cranes can now offer customers and companies customized on-site training solutions, online workplace and operator safety programs, and safety audits.

To learn more about our safety culture or to book your safety consultation, please contact us today.