Anchor Stools

Leavitt Cranes stocks over 8 types of Comedil, Terex, and Peiner anchor stools. In order to provide you with the safest product on the market, Leavitt Cranes only carries certified ​crane anchors with full NDT testing and manufacturer paperwork to ensure the anchors are made by ticketed, certified welders.

When it comes to your ​crane anchors, safety is key. As the only thing keeping your crane from falling, you want to make sure you invest in high quality anchors.

Why Purchase ​Crane Anchors From a Manufacturer?

• The weld is tested to ensure that there are no pockets beneath the surface of the anchor stool
• Full NDT testing is completed, ensuring a better weld. You receive a certificate that shows the anchors were tested and that they passed
• All the crane anchors you receive come serialized and with paperwork. 

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