Practical Rigging Training 

Practical rigging is essential skill for all crane operators. This practical rigging training course provides operators with a strong foundation in health and safety standards, preventative maintenance for equipment and proper rigging procedures.

Delivered through a mix of multimedia presentations and interactive discussions, this Leavitt Cranes course can be taken as a ‘theory awareness’ course or as full rigging training complete with practical assessment. Operators must use compliant rigging gear and hoists and all gear must pass inspection prior to this course starting. In order to complete the practical assessment a hoist operator will be required.

Leavitt Cranes also offers Crane Safety Ltd enhanced training and orientation options for practical rigging training. This gives you the benefit of booking your training with instructors that are journeyman crane operators. Each of these instructors has more than 30 years of crane operating experience. 

Speak to our training department to find out more about your practical rigging training options.


Practical Rigging TrainingPractical Rigging Training Covers

• Safety Regulations & Standards
• Hoisting/Rigging Hazard Identification
• Hoisting/Rigging Fundamentals & Principles
• Inspection & Application of Rigging Hardware & Slings



This practical rigging training is a 1 day (8 hour) course and will be customized to meet the needs of your facility and equipment. Our team works with you to customize course curriculum to your application and your site, held as private onsite rigging training we offer flexibility when booking your course.

Attendees of this rigging training course will receive a workbook, supplementary handouts and upon successful completion, a wallet card.

Looking to be re-certified in practical rigging? If you are an operator who has been previously certified by Leavitt Training or through another qualified provider, you can speak with our team regarding a re-certification course.