Carry Deck Crane safety Training

This Leavitt Cranes course is designed to give operators a solid understanding in health and safety standards, preventative maintenance and proper procedures for the safe operation of carry deck cranes.

Consisting of three components, classroom theory, a written exam and practical hands on experience, course content is delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussions. Operators are given workbooks and supplementary handouts that reinforce key learning objectives after training ends.

Leavitt Cranes is proud to offer Crane Safety Ltd. enhanced training and orientation options for carry deck crane safety training. Give your operators the added benefit by booking training with our instructors that are journeyman crane operators, each with more than 30 years of experience in crane operation. Program consideration specific to your operator's experience, crane, and application is integrated into the course delivery. 

Contact our training department to discuss your mobile crane safety training options.


Carry Deck Crane TrainingCarry Deck Crane safety Training Covers

• Rigging Orientation
• Load Control Techniques
• Pre-Operational Inspections
• Safety Regulations & Standards
• Carry Deck Crane Fundamentals
• Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
• Principles of Balance, Stability & Capacity
• Safe Operations for Applicable Designations

Carry deck crane safety training is a 1 day (8 hour) course held at your facility and utilizing your carry deck crane. We will customize our training to include any unique needs with regards to your equipment or your application.

Please note that novice operators can take advantage of an extended 1 or 2 day course format to gain additional hands on experience.

Carry deck operators will receive a workbook, supplementary handouts and a wallet card upon successful completion of this course.

Looking to get re-certified on carry deck crane safety? If you have previously been certified by Leavitt Training or through another qualified provider you can speak with us about signing up for a re-certification course.