Rough Terrain and Mobile Crane Service

Mobile Crane ServiceAre you running a rough terrain or mobile crane? Leavitt Cranes provides ​you with factory trained technicians, preventative maintenance programs and regularly scheduled inspections that reduce down times and save them money.

Our team will work with you to set up a mobile crane service schedule that makes sense for your business and application. This helps to manage your service costs and increases the trade-in value of your crane. 

Preventative Mobile Crane Maintenance:

Our preventative maintenance programs ensure there are no surprises. We help you to manage down times and ensure safety issues are addressed before they become a critical issue.

Rental Check-in/check-out:

The reliability of the rough terrain and mobile cranes in our rental fleet is our first priority. When a rental arrives on your job site, you are assured that the mobile crane you are using has gone through intensive inspections to ensure it will run effectively and safely. Then when it is returned into our fleet, we perform a rental check-in inspection to ensure any issues are dealt with immediately.

3 month ​mini crawler crane inspections:

Every 3 months or 250 hours, regulatory standards require that a comprehensive inspection takes place. We will assess everything from the general condition of your mobile crane to the wire rope and boom condition. Our technicians will also inform you of any issues that may need to be addressed so you can deal with them before they become a safety hazard.

Annual mini crawler crane inspections:

Once per year, Leavitt Cranes will perform an annual structural NDT inspection of your crane. This mobile crane service inspection is essential to ensure your crane is operating safely.

5 Year block and ball inspections:

In addition to visual inspections and lubrication, it is important to perform a tear-down inspection and re-build on your load and hook blocks every five years. This inspection is designed to monitor the wear and tear on internal components.

10 year boom assembly inspections:

For mobile cranes we offer a ten year or 10,000 hour boom structural inspection, that is required by regulatory standards. These involve a full tear down, dis-assembly and re-build to ensure technicians can accurately assess the structural integrity of your crane.

Multi-point Inspections:

Designed to cover all aspects of your crane from engine to counterweight, this comprehensive mobile crane service gives you the peace of mind needed to ensure operator safety. Our technicians will provide you with a detailed report and speak with you about any potential issues before they become critical safety issues.

Wire Rope Inspections:

In addition to your daily wire rope inspections, we offer a more comprehensive wire rope inspection that helps to assess deterioration. Our service technicians will perform a comprehensive visual inspection of the entire rope section providing you with a detailed assessment and our recommendations.

NDT Inspections:

Although we don’t perform NDT inspections our self, our team can assist you with setting up and contracting out necessary NDT magnetic inspections. For more information on this, please email us or call to speak with a crane specialist.