Smartlift? Smart Choice

Attention glaziers… and while we’re at it, countertop fabricators, sheet metal workers, door installers, and CNC operators of the world:

Glass installation is a physically taxing experience, often taking a team of workers a couple of hours to complete a single installation. For centuries, this has been a successful method used by glaziers, but now there are lifting machines, like Denmark’s Smartlift, that can support, manipulate, and transport material, taking the heavy burden of installation off workers.


SL 780 Smartlift Glass Handler

Smartlift glass handlers are efficient machines that speed up glass transportation and installation, prevent accidents and injury, and reduce operating costs.  Though they are known as glass handlers, Smartlifts can carry pieces of cultured stone,  concrete, doors, sheets of MDF, drywall and other non-porous materials. They make the installation of anything from windows to large fire doors super simple, and if you’d like to simplify your job, look no further than Leavitt Cranes –we carry and support the entire Smartlift line.


 Leavitt Cranes rents and sells a number of mini crawler cranes with glass manipulating attachments, but Smartlift models provide a unique solution to glass handling. They don’t use a winch or wires, they simply boom out and articulate as needed to lift and install your material. Its lifting power is derived from a pair of cylinders off the main mast and unlike many mini crawlers, the Smartlift is truly a ‘pick and carry’ machine. This means it can grab materials off the delivery truck parked in front of a job-site, carry it over rough terrain, and then position it at the point of installation.  Simply put, a Smartlift will transport heavy materials faster, with fewer hands, and with expert precision. 

Operating a Smartlift is pretty easy; an operator can drive a glass handler using controls, similar to those found on an electric pallet jack, located at the back of the machine. As for manipulating and placing glass, this is done by remote control which allows for adjustments of mere millimeters to be made. Lastly, when it comes to transportation and storage, a Smartlift’s compact size and maneuverability make the process simple and painless. You can easily drive it up a ramp, onto a trailer, or into a storage space.

Smartlift 400 lifting glass while attached to a telehandler.


I’ll admit, at first glance, Smartlift machines look like something out of a sci-fi movie.  But on close inspection, and from hands-on experience, Smartlifts are well-built machines.  Its design is meant to provide a simplified lifting experience− it’s not technical, flashy or laden with confusing controls or error codes. This makes the task at hand easier, and all you or your operators have to worry about is lifting glass.

This Danish machine is battery powered and quickly takes a charge from a 120v outlet, making it ideal for indoor lifting. That being said, Smartlift does offer outdoor models as well which is why the machines are coated with thick paint to help withstand the elements.


Equipped with safety features to protect both the operator and the material, Smartlift engineers made sure this machine knew what it could and couldn’t carry. An internal gauge allows the machine to calculate the weight of the material it is attempting to carry, and then it will only proceed to lift if it’s capable. Additional features include safety legs/outriggers and an emergency stop button at the drive control.

Smartlift glass handlers come in a range of sizes with different capacities. If you would like more information, contact Smartlift Rob at Leavitt Cranes – I’d love to talk to you about this game changing machine.

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Cranes Sales Representative 
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