Leavitt Cranes Purchases All Chase Elevating Equipment Assets

May 15th, 2019     
After 6 years of business, Chase Elevating Equipment exits the Spydercrane industry. Leavitt Cranes has purchased their mini-crane assets, including 9 Spydercrane units. This allows Leavitt Cranes to offer more mini-crane options to their customers, bolstering their presence in the Pacific Northwest. Moving forward, Leavitt Cranes will be the new point of contact for Chase Elevating Equipment customers. For all mini-crane and glazing product requirements, contact Leavitt Cranes at (844) 662-7263.

About Leavitt Cranes

Chase-and-Leavitt-Cranes-SpydercraneLeavitt Cranes is a leading crane dealer that supports various industries around the world with their extensive inventory and support services. They offer a wide selection of flat top, hammerhead and luffing jib tower cranes alongside self-erecting and crawler models. In addition to their new cranes, Leavitt Cranes offers a wide variety of rentals, repair/maintenance services, parts, and training support for every crane in their lineup. With industry leading brands such as Terex, Potain, Jekko, Spydercrane, Kroll, Broderson, and Smartlift, Leavitt Cranes can provide solutions for a variety of operations and applications. Contact us for more information.