Rough Terrain Crane Rentals

Rough Terrain crane rentals offer you maximum lifting capabilities along with increased efficiency and access to restricted areas on your job site. This compact machine does not sacrifice power, which allows you to make the pick-and-place lifts you to, in half the time. 

Even though the compact size and high capacity capabilities are the most notable, one of the biggest benefits of mobile cranes rentals is the set up time. After your crane is delivered, it is quickly set-up, stabilized and ready for work. Once set-up, the out-and-down outriggers secure the machine and ensure maximum stability and safety, enabling you to make heavy lifts with ease. 

​Rough Terrain Crane Rental Options:

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Manitex CD100i

When your application demands the mobility of a telehandler but the lifting capabilities of a crane, think Manitex. Perfect for harbour applications and working in mines, this rough terrain crane rental will pick, carry and place your load with ease.

Mobile Crane Rental Manitex CD100i• 10 ton capacity
• 25.4 ft. max boom length
• 40 ft. max tip height
• Maximum travel speed of 18mph
• 3 steering modes (2 wheel, crab, coordinated)
View Manitex M150 Rental Spec Sheet

Manitex M150

Designed for rough terrain, this compact mobile crane rental will fulfill all your pick-and-carry needs safely and efficiently. Whether you are working in a mine or a mill, this carry deck crane will get the job done. 

Manitex Rough Terrain Crane Rental

• 15 ton capacity
• 62.5 ft. max boom length
• 85.5 ft. max boom tip height
• Optional 20 ft. jib
• 4 wheel drive and 4-wheel steering
View Manitex M150 Rental Spec Sheet

Manitex M300

This low-profile, high-capacity crane can rotate while lifting heavy loads, increasing the stability and efficiency of your industrial yard application.

Rough Terrain Crane Rental M300

• 30 ton capacity
• 77 ft. max boom length
• 90 ft. max boom tip height
• 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering
• Fully hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels
View Manitex M300 Rental Spec Sheet