Flat Top Tower Cranes

Flat top tower cranes or flat top cranes feature a simplified design, compact head and movable cab. They are often used in conjunction with other tower cranes or in areas with height restrictions such as airports or power plants. Without sections such as the tower head and tie bars, flat top cranes ensure you can move loads safely and easily despite obstacles or other cranes.

Low overhead clearance and quick and easy assembly, combined with the same exceptional reach and heavy lifting capability, makes this a popular crane for contractors across the globe.

Comedil Flat Top Tower Cranes

We are the authorized dealer for Terex and Comedil Flat Top Tower Cranes.

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Each Flat Top Crane Features:

Durable Modular Design: Our line of flat top tower cranes have a modular design that helps to reduce the cost of transportation. Easily transportable by truck or container, each piece is painted with a rust-proof paint to help ensure your investment is protected.

Easy Maintenance Access and Built in Safety Features: Designed with both operators and technicians in mind, each tower crane in our line has easy to access maintenance compartments and built in safety features such as base ballast for added stability and radio remote controls.

Ergonomic Operator Compartments: Nothing reduces productivity faster than operator discomfort. Our tower cranes come complete with climate controls and an easy to read display panel.

Long Lasting Parts: Built from the highest quality, longest lasting parts on the market our flat top tower cranes are designed to stand up to the toughest environments and the most demanding jobs.

Economical Frequency Converter Models: We strive to provide products that won’t break your bank. Each tower crane in our fleet has been equipped with frequency converter motors on all hoisting parts. This helps to maintain the high performance you need while reducing the power requirements and your cost of ownership.

Product Availability May Vary Depending On Region